Alina Dragomir

Semi Permanent Makeup

My name is Alina, I am the sole aesthetics technician responsible for the Semi Permanent beauty treatments you see on this site.




Semi permanent Makeup is an art form in itself, and as an artist, it is my goal to empower my clients, enhance their confidence and ensure that they leave feeling their beautiful best. By enhancing your brows, eyes and lips my goal is to complement your look whatever your age, style or type of skin as I believe that beauty is universal. Making the most of your features either via ombre brows or hair strokes that frame the face beautifully or creating a high glamour look with accentuated eyes and fuller lips.

Things to rememeber before your treatment

remember before your treatment

Candidates not suitable for

eyebrow semi permanent makeup

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Semi permanent eyeliner creates smudge proof makeup that lasts. This treatment works really well on people who struggle to apply eye makeup or who suffer from running eye makeup.   The ideal solution for the perfect eyeliner and more confidence in your appearance.   

Lash enhancement

The most natural looking eyelash treatment available to enhance your eyes, without the traditional eyeliner look.  ” The no makeup, makeup look.”   By adding pigment in-between the lashes you can create more volume, definition and thicker looking eyelashes. 


The eye pigment is applied above the lash line to create the more dense,  traditional eyeliner.  Eye liner is a very personal thing and how thick we will apply it will be up to you and how you usually wear it.    Please allow 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours for this treatment.

Shaded/Smokey Eyeliner

The new on trend fashion.   A fine traditional eyeliner to create definition and soft shading done with our new pixel semi permanent makeup technique to create sultry eyes.   Please allow 2 to 2 and a half  hours for this treatment. 


All our masters have been trained in the best schools of lashmakers and have
extensive practical experience in eyelash extensions.

Semi Permanent Lips

Semi permanent lips are the  ideal solution for youthful lips and more confidence in your appearance. As we age we lose definition of the lip line.  The natural pigments in your lip line breaks up and become uneven. 

 Blush lips

Good looking lips compliment the face and by adding more colour and volume it can make a big difference to the appearance of the facial features and skin tone.  This semi permanent makeup treatment works especially well on people who have pale lips and just lack some colour.   

Contour and lipstick effect

This 3D lip tattoo technique  is suitable for all lips and face shapes.  We create a natural looking lip line with soft shading to create more definition and volume.   The on trend fashion at the moment.  

Combination eyebrows

A combination of hair strokes  and the powder mist and is suitable for all eyebrows and face shapes.    This 3D eyebrow tattoo technique is done with a cosmetic tattoo machine.  Realistic hair strokes with soft shading to create more definition. 

Frequently asked questions


Some people may feel discomfort but some don’t feel anything at all. We always use topical anaesthetics to reduce the discomfort. 

The 1st session usually takes around 2-3 hours and the 2nd session approximately 1 and half hours.

The treatment is semi permanent, so will need topping up annually approximately.

Each and every client is different. However the treatment can last from 2 to 3 years, but regular maintenance will be needed depending on your own situation. Ideally every 12 months or so a colour boost is recommended to keep the shape and overall look of the work fresh. This is so varied as lifestyle plays a role in how quick the pigment fades. This can be from sun exposure, the speed of skin cell regeneration and the colour you chose.